Welcome to Apply SMU-FAIMER Regional Institute

The SMU-FAIMER Regional Institute (SMU-FRI), based at Southern Medical University (SMU), Guangzhou, China, was launched officially in November 2nd 2015. This is a significant step for SMU to further develop its internationalization strategy and global collaboration in the fields of medical education.

Based upon the achievements of “High Level University” construction and educational reforms, SMU-FRI aims to develop education methods, leadership skills and professional networks in Southeast Asia Region by introducing world famous medical education resources and cooperating with excellent faculty members from home and abroad.

Application to the 2019 SMU-FRI opens on April 2019, Please see details below:
1. Applicants from medical institutions or organizations in China, and also Southeast Asia are welcome to apply. Approximately 20 fellowships are offered this year.

2. Candidates come from all health professions, especially those with abundant experiences in medical education and enthusiasm about global health professions. Competence in written and spoken English is a prerequisite.

3. The SMU-FRI fellowship is a two-year program with 4 sessions, among which are 2 residential sessions with highly interactive educational activities, and 2 sessions of education innovation project and online study including web-based mentoring of Fellows, network building, discussion groups, etc.
2019 schedule is as follows:

November 4-12, 2019
Session 1 (residential session at SMU)
November 2019 – November 2020
Session 2 (distance learning session)
November 8-12, 2020
Session 3 (residential session at SMU)
November 2020 – October 2021
Session 4 (distance learning session)

4. During the residential session, curriculum topics focus on medical education knowledge and teaching skills, which include curriculum development, teaching theories and methods, assessment/ evaluation, accreditation, as well as educational research. In addition, the topics also include leadership building, change management, teamwork, and other management skills.

The SMU-FRI faculty team, led by USA experts, will carry out the topics in the form of group discussion, case study, workshop,and scenario practice. English is used throughout all the curricula.
Fellows also implement an education innovation project at their home institution with the help and joint work of instructors, program advisors and other fellows. A summary of the project and results are presented during the second residential session.

5. Fellows earn a Certificate in Health Professions Education from SMU-FRI after successfully presented the project report and past the program evaluation, and also become members of FAIMER’s global staff network.
In the fourth session, Fellows also have chance to apply to present the project report and carry out academic exchange at FAIMER, located in Philadelphia, USA.

6. SMU allocates special funding to support SMU-FRI. Certain funding is available to support the Fellows’ tuition fee, course materials, and meals. However, Fellows (or their institutions) are responsible for the travel expenses and accommodation during the residential sessions. Similarly the costs involved in carrying out the education innovation project are also not covered by SMU-FRI. Applicants from Southeast Asia regions may apply for financial aid to cover international travel costs or accommodation based on their financial status.

7. To apply for SMU-FRI, please visit https://faimer.fluidreview.com/ , after registration, select SMU-FAIMER REGIONAL INSTITUTE to apply on line.
Application opens from April to August 2019.
More detailed information about the SMU-FRI fellowship, please visit https://smu.faimerfri.org/.

To request more information on the program via e-mail, please click here.